In Today’s Long-Term Care World, You Need a Rehab Partner That Can Adapt to Change.

The pace of change in the long-term care industry is moving faster than ever. New technology and more demanding requirements could have an impact for years to come.

At Adaptive Rehab, we’ve developed exciting new ways to improve rehab service, outcomes and communication, manage reimbursement, and help long-term care operators capitalize on opportunities. Our unique approach ensures your rehab program starts right…and stays right.

3 Reasons to Go Adaptive

We’ve Reset Care Standards

We’ve Retooled Communication

We’ve Reinvented the Business Model

Should You Consider Switching Rehab Partners?

It’s not always obvious when a change in contract therapy providers is needed. This scorecard can help you consider whether you could benefit from changing providers.

  • In over 20 years of experience in the LTC field, I have worked with many therapy companies. Working with Adaptive Rehab has given my building’s residents the best outcomes of any therapy company thus far.

    Bryan Casey
  • Adaptive Rehab has provided this service with excellent customer service and truly has been an integral part of the care team.

    Larry Mathews Smith
  • Adaptive Rehab staff is very friendly and goes out of their way to ensure quality service and resident success.

    Paul Bergsten