We’ve reset care standards to take you to a new level of quality.

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For long-term care facilities, rehab quality is directly tied to the level and consistency of care standards and operational processes. So, we’ve established higher thresholds that better support the interests of the resident, and the facility and its staff. This makes it easier for each resident to gain access to the exact type of care they need; to accurately measure their progress toward objective outcomes; and to optimize the facility’s case mix and reimbursement.

Rehab that starts right…and stays right

Beginning immediately with a new admission, we launch a highly responsive, cooperative protocol:

  • 24 hour new admission evaluation turnaround
  • Set definable goals for resident therapy
  • Advanced, therapy-driven ADL schedules to maximize functional outcomes
  • Discharge planning initiated upon admission

As therapy progresses, we reassess to ensure goals are met, plan remains appropriate and adapts to changing needs:

  • Weekly progress notes and 28-30 day re-certifications for all payor sources, to provide better documentation, more responsive therapy
  • Chart review and observation monitoring of all residents in census — beyond required quarterly screening — to make sure no needs go unmet

Turning on the full power of measurement

Adaptive adheres to precise Functional Outcomes Measures processes to optimize care quality and progress:

  • Emphasize objective goals that can be measured vs. subjective goals that cannot
  • Functional testing with quantitative metrics (e.g., numerical ratings or time)
  • Monthly review of all data to adjust and optimize care

We utilize the industry’s most advanced technology to facilitate care and address facility reimbursement challenges:

  • Integrate with facility’s EHR system
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPMs) in real-time
  • Compare KPMs against national data warehouse to identify issues and opportunities
  • Complete documentation and workflow to manage ADRs and appeals