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Independent & Assisted Living Communities

Care You Can Count On
Adaptive Rehab partners with assisted and independent living communities to build warm and welcoming on-site rehab therapy programs. Our proactive approach to wellness allows residents to stay on top of their health, helps them maintain independence, and enjoy rich, active lifestyles.
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Physical Therapy

Develop individualized interventions to promote strength, balance, & pain reduction for safe functional mobility.

Occupational Therapy

​Develop individualized interventions to promote functional cognition, strength, balance, and pain reduction for safe, self-care completion.

Speech Therapy

​Develop individualized interventions to maximize cognitive abilities and communication; Address swallowing difficulties to promote improved nutrition and and safe consumption.

Our Fresh, Resident-Focused Approach
Our interdisciplinary approach supports each resident's individuality. Our therapists collaborate with physicians and facility staff to create custom care plans, and work to help community members maximize ability through all stages of life.

  The Adaptive Advantage  


With a dedicated Rehab Director on-site, we become part of your team -a true partner. We work together with key community personnel to track relevant outcomes. 

Unique Services

Our evidence-based clinical programs address the individual needs of the residents and community.

Personalized Care

Our therapists are trained to provide services to older adults to maximize physical abilities and functional cognition.

Convenience and Comfort

Residents receive treatment in the comfort of their home for continuity of care – there's no traveling to appointments.

Comprehensive Programming 

Our experts conduct sessions to help promote independence and good health, including: 

  • Overcoming Infectious Disease 

  • Fall Prevention 

  • Continence Care

  • Memory Care 

  • Wellness 

  • And more! 

Healthier Outcomes 

Therapy decreases the risk of functional decline and risk of new injuries.

  Your Partner in Health  

"The Adaptive team has been a true clinical partner. They are an invaluable resource - often identifying subtle clinical changes early and getting updates to our physicians in a systematic, actionable manner, and allowing for early intervention and better patient outcomes."


Sonali Wilborn | CCO, GAPS Health 

Resources & References

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Compassion & Care

Learn more about health, therapy, and recovery. Our collection of educational resources can help you answer questions about physical wellbeing and help you navigate the world of long-term care.