PTO Policy Updates

On Jan 7, 2021, we announced changes to our PTO policy that will give you more flexibility and the opportunity to cash out of those accumulated PTO days.

PTO: 1-4 year Employees

The PTO accrual rate will max out at 16 days or 128 hrs per year for employees, who have been with us for less than 5 years.

PTO: 5+ year Employees

For those employed for 5+ years, the PTO accrual rate will have a max of 18 days or 144 hours per year.

Updated Carry Over Policy

Starting January 1, 2022, PTO carry over policy will change from 60 hours of allowed carryover on the employee’s anniversary date to one of two new options. The employee can choose between:

A. Carry over 40 hours of PTO


B. Receive a payout of $0.75 on the dollar - up to 40 PTO hours

Either one of these options could happen on January 1 every year.

Many have asked for an option to get a payout for some of the PTO, we're happy to announce this option.

NEW calendar year timing

We've always operated under a timing that started with the new hire date. That's changed! Instead, we've moved to a January through December calendar, thus simplifying the process for everyone, including managers.

2021 Exception

For 2021, employees can:

  • Rollover ALL current unused PTO …AND...

  • Use as the program allows until Jan 1, 2022.

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