Onboarding program for new leaders

Our new Peer 2 Peer Program is designed to help new leaders – Directors of Rehab at each location and Regional Directors – more quickly understand the workings of our company by pairing them with seasoned peers to be a resource for information, aside from their direct supervisors.

This program will connect them with other colleagues at their level, whom the Newbies can turn to for advice, guidance, and information – without having to feel they are going to their new supervisor too frequently in that often awkward beginning stretch at a new company.

Each will be paired with a preselected Peer Coach within the same company with the intent of helping new staff members:

o Feel welcomed by their new colleagues

o Understand and comply with our organization’s systems and policies

o Forge relationships with the peers

Download the attachment below to learn more. You can also access them on our ADP dashboard.

Apply here.

P2P Coach flyer - 5-in-1 #201201
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