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What We Do

Rehab Done Right

Adaptive Rehab offers long-term care communities a comprehensive suite of rehab therapy services. A dedicated partner, we employ a dynamic mix of insight, innovation, and inspiration to create impactful health programs that put residents first.

We shape our work to suit your community's unique needs. Creative and flexible, we adopt your goals as our own, and develop customized solutions for everything from care delivery to operations to client billing.


How We Help

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Experience & Expertise

Adaptive Rehab manages, staffs, and operates rehab therapy programs all across the United States. Our skilled directors work with partners on-site, offer robust regional oversight, and provide a deep well of dedicated, hands-on support.

How We Work

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Systems & Solutions

Our seasoned team of care professionals develops forward-thinking therapy programs that span the continuum of care. Passionate and driven, our evidence-based, tailored systems improve community health, help residents maintain active lifestyles, and promote better health.

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Our approach to operations enhances program efficiency and eliminates pain points. We blend provider perspective with managerial know-how to develop systems that elevate care, streamline communications, and drive growth.

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Clinical Care

Our patient-centered rehabilitation programs help residents get back to the things they love most, faster. Supportive and compassionate, we help our partners set new standards for excellence, and provide first-rate care experiences.

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Quality Assurance

Maintaining a top-tier care program doesn’t happen by accident. We monitor and audit every operation we contribute to, help our partners stay on top of regulations, and set high standards for quality, safety, and patient care. 

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Business & Strategy

We know that strategic planning is the key to growth and success. That's why we help you identify, prepare, and implement the service model that best fits your organization's business goals and objectives.


Supporting Better Health

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Our Mission in Action

Our clinics are defined by thoughtful programming, hands-on care, and a deep commitment to resident health. Our work is detailed but our philosophy is simple: we want to get residents moving, help them stay active, and give them the tools they need to enjoy rich, vibrant lifestyles.

  Your Partner in Health  

"We are thrilled with the service from Adaptive. They always put the needs of the resident first, and do it in a professional, friendly way. I also enjoy their cutting-edge technology - which makes reviewing data a breeze. I strongly recommend them to all skilled nursing facilities."


Shimmy Idels | CEO, Hill Valley Healthcare

Be Part of Our Work

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Care That Doesn't Quit

Adaptive Rehab is committed to delivering an extraordinary care experience. Help us enrich our community, and together, let's ensure patients and families enjoy good health.